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It has been over 50 years since Tarcisio Munari founded the Munari company, preeminent in the field of backpacks, cases and leather bags in the 80s.

Since 1990, Munari has been developing its business in the office supplies, particularly with leather and leatherette desk sets, attaining ambitious goals and international awards and achieving a world leadership in this specific area.

These notable brand and know-how, all italian, have been acquired and developed in 2012 by the Italian company ORNA (Verona), remaining faithful to craftsmanship and creativity and, at the same time, conforming to innovation and market demand.

The 100% made in Italy production include professional bags, desk sets and accessories such as notepads, desk pads, letter cutters, paper holders, etc.

Munari, a very well-known brand in the leather manifacturing, a choice of excellence, style, quality and craftsmanship, all made in Italy.